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Welcome to Cheerz Workshop!

Handmade art is not just a form of expressing creativity and imagination; it is also an art form that combines fine materials and craftsmanship aesthetics. Through handmade art, we can transform ordinary materials and objects into unique and valuable works, showcasing individual styles and stories.

Here, we are committed to imparting the skills and knowledge of handmade art, allowing more people to experience the joy and fulfillment of creating by hand. We offer various certificate courses that enable students to start from scratch and gradually become proficient handmade art instructors. Our courses are taught by experienced tutors and adhere to the certification standards of craft associations in Korea, ensuring that students receive the highest quality instruction and learning experience.

In addition, we provide a variety of workshops and customization services to meet the needs of different individuals. You can participate in fun handmade activities in our workshops, learning to create unique gifts, personal collectibles, and holiday presents.

We believe that the value of handmade art is not only evident in the final products but also in the process of creation. It is an activity that relaxes the body and mind, allowing you to escape the busy pace of life and enjoy the pure pleasure of creativity. Whether you are a handmade art enthusiast or a beginner, we welcome you to Cheerz Workshop, where we can explore the world of handmade art together and discover your unique creative path.

We look forward to embarking on a marvelous journey of handmade art with you.

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Our Story

We are a studio passionate about handmade art, dedicated to providing high-quality craft education and creative experiences. Since 2017, we have embarked on a journey of crafting and exploration, and in 2020, we established the physical space of Cheerz Workshop, becoming a place that offers diverse courses and workshops.

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