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DIY romantic Christmas atmosphere: a wonderful combination of candles, table flowers and garlands

Two natural beeswax candles are placed in the center of the table flower
beeswax candlestick flowers

The Christmas floral decorations you buy at home include pots of clay Christmas flowers and small Christmas trees. Decorations made of plastic or preserved flowers are added to them. If you want to add fragrance and bring out the atmosphere while watching them, the types Changeable candles are both beautiful and practical.

Children happily DIY unique Christmas wreaths
Use dyed flowers to make Christmas wreaths last longer

Last year we did a series of candle holder flower and garland workshops. We hope to combine scented candles and floral scents. We will start making them in mid-November, let the flowers and leaves dry naturally, and then put them up until the beginning of the second year without taking care of them. The viewing period can be extended.

To make this kind of Christmas table flowers or garlands, you usually need to choose flowers or leaves with high durability, or some flowers and leaves that are naturally dried and have little change in shape to ensure that their beauty and freshness can be maintained for a long time. Color choices are mostly based on dyed flowers. The color will not fade too much after drying. If you choose natural colors, many flowers will appear dark yellow after drying, so it is not recommended for holiday decoration.

Watching the Taiwanese flower works being filmed on the spot
Make your own beeswax candles and arrange round table flowers with eucalyptus leaves, fresh green grass, guayule leaves, various preserved flowers and dried fruits.

If you want to keep the flowers and wreaths in good condition, you must master the timing of natural drying, that is, when the flowers and leaves are at their most beautiful and plump, no more water will be added, and they can be allowed to dry slowly. Here are some fresh flower or foliage styles suitable for long-lasting Christmas table flowers:

1. Eucalyptus: Eucalyptus is a common leaf material, and its slender leaves have a unique aroma. They retain their shape as they dry naturally and can add green and texture to floral arrangements.

2. Lavender: Lavender is a flower that is very suitable for natural drying. Their flowers and stems still maintain good shape and fragrance after drying.

3. Acacia dealbata: Acacia is a plant with beautiful golden ball-shaped inflorescences, and their flowering period is relatively long. This plant adds natural beauty to table flowers and lasts for many weeks.

4. Cotton Pods: Cotton pods are the mature fruits of the cotton plant. They have a unique shape and texture. Cotton pods can be dried naturally and used to create simple, natural-looking floral arrangements.

5. Baby's Breath: Whether it is white or dyed, baby's breath is a good filling flower material. When fresh, the flower heads are full, and they will become smaller after air-drying. Tie them first before arranging flowers. They will be smaller after air-drying. Not fragile.

6. Dusty Miller: The white hairs on the surface look like a layer of white snow on the leaves, which is very suitable for the winter atmosphere. The leaves are tied with iron wires, so the angle can be changed and the leaves can maintain a straight shape after drying.

Place Christmas tree-shaped candles on the cup, insert fresh eucalyptus leaves, preserved flowers and decorations
Cup Christmas Candle Flower Arrangement

Candles, Christmas trees and table flowers are a great combination to create a romantic Christmas atmosphere. The combination of these elements can bring a warm glow, festive atmosphere, fragrance of flowers and leaves, and natural beauty to your home, allowing family and friends to share the romantic holiday joy.

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