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All-natural seven-color floral spray 200ml (early bird booking discount)

All-natural seven-color floral spray 200ml (early bird booking discount)

This pre-ordered product will be shipped on January 29th. Free shipping on SF smart cabinets for purchases over $200 of the spray series.

It is prepared with floral water and pure essential oils from seven different flowers. The package comes with dried organic chamomile flowers (the flower water is suitable for bathing and can be added to water. It is not recommended to put it in a watering bottle to avoid affecting the spray function).

It is said that bathing with seven-color flowers can bring good luck to people. It must include lilies, chamomile, lavender, Damask rose, orange blossom, geranium and clary sage. The richly layered fragrance spray can be used for home and clothing. The ingredients are natural and do not contain alcohol or plasticizers. They do not contain artificial flavors, alcohol or plasticizers. If flowers are added, chips and fog will appear. This is a natural phenomenon and will not affect use.

Note: If used on skin, you can first spray a small amount on the skin of your hands for testing. If you are allergic, please stop using it immediately, wash it with clean water and seek help from a doctor. Please keep out of reach of children.

Capacity: 200ml

Container: glass spray bottle

    HK$198.00 Regular Price
    HK$178.00Sale Price
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