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Flower candles (in stock·20% off)

Flower candles (in stock·20% off)

*Please note: Since this is a hand-made work, there will be a dedicated person to follow up on the order details. If you want to order, please select the goods first, then confirm the order, select manual payment, and wait for us to confirm with you before paying.

Candles are more than just candles

It can also be a flower vessel

Very environmentally friendly and special design

Extend candle life

Become a home furnishing

Packaging: Each gift box includes 1 bouquet of small dried flowers. The original package is in a wooden box. It can be packaged in a glass box upon request + $30. Welcome to inquire before placing an order.

Weight: approx. 120 g

Burning time: 12-15 hours (can be adjusted according to personal needs)

*This candle made from the Draw By Ballare series is only available for ordering

▪️Japanese flower pot workshop 2 hours|$520-680

- Teach similar styles of candles

- Make two kinds of flower candles in one class: sphere and hill

- Comes with a small bouquet to make


    HK$480.00 Regular Price
    HK$384.00Sale Price
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