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Soap - Fortune Cookie Soap (2-pack, custom-made only, 7-day pick-up)

Soap - Fortune Cookie Soap (2-pack, custom-made only, 7-day pick-up)

*Please note: Since this is a hand-made work, there will be a dedicated person to follow up on the order details. If you want to order, please select the goods first, then confirm the order, select manual payment, and wait for us to confirm with you before paying.

Fortune cookies are made by hand using natural handmade soap materials made in Taiwan. They are very suitable as wedding gifts, event gifts and business gifts. 1 or 2 colors can be specified. Minimum order is 8 pieces. Each is packed in an independent carton. The waterproof note can contain up to 10 Chinese characters or 30 English letters. The production time is 5 days after confirming the order and words with customer service. working days.


For orders exceeding the specified quantity, you can get [free custom logo production] and as low as [half-price discount]. Please contact us before placing your order. Weight: about 30g/piece Size: 5cm L

    HK$180.00 Regular Price
    HK$162.00Sale Price
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