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Mochi Soap (for customization only, 7-day pick-up)

Mochi Soap (for customization only, 7-day pick-up)

*Please note: Since this is a hand-made work, there will be a dedicated person to follow up on the order details. If you want to order, please select the goods first, then confirm the order, select manual payment, and wait for us to confirm with you before paying.

Customized set of 4 fruit soap gift boxes, all handmade. Exquisite gift box packaging, each piece is about 30g.

▪️Fruit Soap Workshop 1.5 hours |$420-580

There are two combinations to choose from, A (leaves·cherry blossoms) and B (color chrysanthemums·red fruits), with 2 models in each group. If you learn 4 models at a time, you can enjoy an additional 5% discount.

After completion, we will provide you with exquisite packaging to take away the finished product, and you will also be able to purchase materials on the spot.

(Must make a reservation 5 days in advance of the workshop)


Inspired by Wagashi, we use daily simple tools to make these mochi soaps. You will be able to learn how to mix colored soap doughs, form a particular shape and polish the dough in different textures.


Each class will teach 2 styles of moshi soap, Sakura & Leaf and Chrysanthemum & Fruit.The materials are made in Taiwan, created by our Flower Soap Art Master, Ms. Grace Chen and proved safe in use.

We offer special price for those attending class on weekday 10am - 4pm.

    HK$580.00 Regular Price
    HK$493.00Sale Price
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