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菓子香皂 Mochi Soap (只供訂製·7天取貨)

菓子香皂 Mochi Soap (只供訂製·7天取貨)



▪️菓子香皂工作坊 1.5小時 |$420-580

有A (葉子·櫻花)及B (彩菊 · 紅果) 兩種組合選擇,每組2款,如一次學習4款,可享額外95折




Inspirated by Wagashi, we use daily simple tools to make these mochi soaps. You will be able to learn how to mix coloured soap doughs, form a particular shape and polish the dough in different textures.


Each class will teach 2 styles of moshi soap, Sakura & Leaf and Chrysanthemum & Fruit.The materials are made in Taiwan, created by our Flower Soap Art Master, Ms. Grace Chen and proved safe in use.

We offer special price for those attending class on weekday 10am - 4pm.

    HK$580.00 一般價格
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